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2014 Airstream Bambi

Sleeps 2 Adults or 2 Adults and 1 Child
1 Queen Size Bed and 1 Banquet Conversion


Features and Amenities Include:

  • Queen Size Bed with Lots of Pillows (for snuggling of course)
  • Private Bathroom with Shower
  • Fine Hotel Quality Linens and Towels (just because it’s a trailer doesn’t mean you have to sleep on flannel)
  • L’Occitane Bath Amenities (oooh la la)
  • Two Super Comfy Robes (if you love the robes please inquire about purchasing one)
  • Caravan Coffee (amazing coffee that just happens to have a little trailer on the package)
  • Outdoor Patio Area with Chairs and Table (sit down and take it all in)
  • Outdoor Propane BBQ (fire up a steak and pop open a bottle of cab….heaven)
  • Dishes & Silverware (wine glasses and corkscrew of course)
  • 2 Cruiser Bikes (don’t forget to reserve upon arrival)
  • Refrigerator (for keeping your leftover steak)
  • Microwave (for reheating your leftover steak)
  • Flat Screen TV

A Little History

In 1931 the first Airstream, “The Torpedo”, rolled off the production line.  By 1937 the demand for the “trailer lifestyle” exploded and there were over 400 manufacturers competing for business.  It is a testament to Airstreams success that not a  single one of those other 400 manufacturers stayed in business through WWII and the Great Depression. What’s even more impressive is that during WWII the US government actually banned manufacturing of travel trailers for recreation and Airstream closed up shop for several years.  During this time the Airstream crew members worked in aircraft factories and when the company reopened, the experience they got from building planes shaped Airstream’s future.  Today the “silver bullet” design is still in use and an Airstream trailer remains unmistakably “Airstream”.

Our Airstream Bambi’s are perfect for the camper who wants a more modern Airstream experience. The trailers are all decorated with different themes harkening back to the 50′ and 60’s so you get a little retro vibe even though your surrounded in the latest in trailer innovation.