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On the Go With Joe at The Vintages

Tired of hotel rooms and tents but want to take a trip to the Willamette Valley? A special resort in Dayton provides a way to get away and travel back in time. The Vintages Trailer Resort features 31 pristinely preserved trailers from the late 1940s to mid 1960s.

Like no trailer park you’ve probably seen before, The Vintages make camping glam – also known as glamping. The dozens of trailers include original pieces like design elements and working appliances as well as modern amenities, like TVs and heat. One trailer includes an extra-large soaker tub. If you’d like to learn more about the charming camping option, visit

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Oh, Pourtland! A Stay to Remember

Go glamping back in time at The Vintages Trailer Resort. These 1950’s trailers will give you a serious dose nostalgia, and they’re so inexpensive you can use all that extra cash on cases of wine. The resort is centrally located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, halfway between Dundee and Historic Downtown McMinville. The trailers are grouped together in their own neighborhood within the fourteen-acre Willamette Wine Country RV Park.

You’ll get all the amenities you’d get in a hotel: housekeeping, high thread count linens, luscious terry-cloth robes, and a pool. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a hotel that provides you with a propane grill, hip cruiser bikes, and the ultimate Instagram-worthy stay. Rates start around $115 per night.

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Camp Off the Ground: 7 Options For Warmer Winter Camping

You probably don’t want to invest in a vintage Airstream, just for the sake of winter camping. So why not rent one? The growing popularity of tiny living and minimalism has spurred lots of rental opportunities for trailers, RV’s, and vans.

The Vintages in Dayton, Oregon are a fun option for “glamping” in Oregon’s wine country. The vintage Airstreams each rock their own unique style with decade-appropriate and undeniably adorable interiors. The trailers are heated, and a few of them are even dog-friendly! Of course, you’re not limited to Oregon. A quick Google search will show you plenty of opportunities to rent all kinds of mobile homes in destinations across the country.

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Options in Oregon

Wineries and Vintage Trailers

Willamette Valley wineries were up next on the trip. Home to more than 500 wineries, the Willamette Valley is known for its world-class Pinot noirs. We decided to try something different and stayed in a refurbished vintage trailer at The Vintages Trailer Resort, located in the middle of Oregon’s wine country. I couldn’t wait to relive some of my childhood memories of times spent in my parent’s blue and white Bee Line camper. Check-in was a breeze and the folks at the front desk were super friendly, but the real fun came when we stepped into our immaculate camper. At the day’s end, we kicked back in our camper’s lawn chairs and mapped out the wineries we wanted to tour.

Up early the next day, we tooled around back roads, visited tasting rooms ranging from contemporary to rustic, and enjoyed many superb wines. Luckily, my husband volunteered to be the designated driver!

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A Wine Country Bike Trip in Oregon’s Eola–Amity Hills

Standing among the fir trees in Dayton’s Courthouse Square Park, you wouldn’t guess you’re in the center of the North Willamette Valley’s wine universe. This tiny farm town (pop. 2,636) a mile off 99-W is just minutes from the plush tasting rooms of Carlton, McMinnville, and Dundee. Here, all that feels ages away.

Food/Lodging in Dayton

Fuel up with cinnamon roll pancakes at The Block House Café, housed in a 130-year-old former church.

Post-ride, splurge on a five-course dinner at the 21-year-old Joel Palmer House, run by a few generations of truffle-foraging chefs, or dig into a wagyu beef burger a few blocks away at The Barlow Room, a chic bar from the same owners.

For a quirky overnight stay, The Vintages Trailer Resort offers 31 immaculately restored 1940s–60s trailers. $95–130/night

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The Vintages Trailer Resort

The Vintages Trailer Resort is the perfect place for a fun and unique Oregon getaway. Open year round, The Vintages is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country, so it’s also the perfect place to stay when you’re wine tasting. It’s about an hour away from Portland between Dundee and McMinnville, so it’s an easy and accessible getaway. More than just a few airstreams, the Vintages include other quintessential mid-century names such as the Shasta, Kit Chateau, and Ideal. Their website offers specific historical information for each type of trailer. Most trailers are original, but a few are reissues (aka new trailers that look vintage).  More than that, the trailers all come equipped with locally roasted pour over coffee, two bikes to ride around wine country, and an outdoor grill to BBQ. There is a pool and hot tub onsite, as well as a nicely stocked general store where you can grab locally sourced treats and, of course, a bottle of Oregon wine to sip.

The Vintages offers such a unique experience for lodging in wine country. Even if you don’t drink wine, this is still a great place to getaway for a few nights. It’s family friendly, and even dog friendly (just be sure to check their dog policy before booking). I’m a huge fan of vintage, but I also love modern conveniences. Here you can have the best of both, and do it in style.

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The Vintages Trailer Resort
Why go?

With world-renowned wineries on verdant, rolling hills, Oregon’s lush Wine Country is a must-visit.  Plus with historic landmarks and museums alongside thrilling waterslides, it’s a family-friendly destination, too.  And right in the middle of it all, you’ll find a portal to another time – though enhanced with modern touches.

At The Vintages Trailer Resort, beautifully-restored camping trailers line the cycle-friendly private lane.  Many of the trailers hail from bygone eras – the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s – when American style and luxury were typified by these classic looks.  And The Vintages’ perfect location puts you within a short drive or bike ride from a bunch of places that your family is sure to enjoy.

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The Best Glamping Experiences in America

I love the idea of camping. I love being out in nature and have become an avid hiker whenever my destination permits. But at the end of the day, I crave the comforts of home. For those wanting to just dip their toe into the camping end of the pool, might I suggest a trailer park? Hear me out. These accommodations have come a looooong way in recent years, with a few visionary hoteliers creating trailer park experiences that are as practical as they are delightful. It’s cleaner than camping, with access to electricity and a bathroom.

Here are the best glamping experiences in America.

The Vintages – Willamette, OR

There are lots of reasons to visit the Willamette Valley. It’s the heart of Oregon’s wine country, close to Portland, and offers lots of incredible hiking, biking, kayaking and more. If you’re looking for something extra special, book a few nights at the Vintages Trailer Resort.

Centrally located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, the Vintages offers retro trailer accommodations on a 14-acre park. These trailers (some dating back to the 1940s) have been meticulously restored and outfitted with luxurious modern amenities, like pour-over Caravan Coffee, luxurious terrycloth robes, comfortable mattresses and fine hotel-quality linens. Most trailers include a private toilet, and many include showers, too (if not, there’s a lovely clubhouse and fitness center, complete with showers and restrooms).

Other offerings include propane grills, a pool & hot tub, outdoor lawn games, and a nearby dog park. The Vintages also provide cruiser bikes you can pedal over the bridge to the neighboring town of Dayton, a gateway to many of the local vineyards.

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28 Off-the-Grid Getaways Ideal for Solo Vacations

We’re calling it now: 2017 will be the Year of the RV (though really, isn’t every year?). So it should come as no surprise that ever-hip Oregon has a one-of-a-kind resort setup that consists of —  you guessed it —  refurbished and funkily-decorated vintage trailers, 31 to be exact. In the heart of Willamette Valley’s wine country make this vacation all about living simply. Laze in your truck’s swanky terrycloth robe, de-stress in a hot tub (parked right outside your temporary home), or hop on your cruiser bike (again, conveniently parked right outside your home). Sure, things may get a little quiet without the kids or besties around, but you’ll have a hard time finding a more magical spot along the vineyards to indulge in some internal TLC than these (parked) homes on wheels.

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Vintage Camper Stay in Oregon Wine Country

Yes, you can travel back in time… in a very hip way at The Vintages Trailer Resort. Thirty-one vintage campers make up a spotless trailer village in Dayton, Oregon. I recently toured the resort and peeked into 20 of these cozy beauties.

Dayton is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, known for amazing Pinot Noir and rolling agricultural lands. The historic town of 2,200 is just off Hwy 18 between McMinnville and Newberg, 24 miles from Salem, the state Capitol, and 34 miles southwest of Portland. Getting there, a lovely drive by fields of hops and vineyards, will put you in the mood for your retro Oregon stay.

The trailers are grouped in their own ‘neighborhood’ within the 14-acre Willamette Wine Country RV Park just off SE Kreder Road. When you arrive, you’ll notice that the colorful 40’s and 50’s trailers are all different. Each has two vintage bikes parked in front and a concrete pad for your car. At night, people sit outside on retro patio chairs where they can enjoy a glass of wine (the Vintages has their own label) and watch the sunset. The evening we visited, we were treated to a sky full of pink and orange clouds. After sunset, little lights strung in the trees came on, creating a magical atmosphere.

And when you’re ready to go inside on of these little campers, you’ll find conveniences like a refrigerator, microwave, Wi-Fi, plush towels, kitchenware and upscale toiletries. And you’ll smile at the creative touches… a lava lamp in one trailer, retro camping books in another.

Each trailer is a work of art. The most common descriptor you’ll hear is, “Cute!”

Most of the trailers have been restored by Bend, Oregon, trailer renovator FlyteCamp. The artisans retained as much of the original interiors as possible (mostly wood) while adding modern conveniences such as A/C and small flat-screen TVs.

Here’s an example of a camper trailer that any outdoorsy person would fall in love with. Enter the 1951 M-System Special Deluxe, a shiny red and white camper with a wooden screen door. The red plaid curtains and refinished pine interior are complimented by birch tree designs and rustic woven pillows. In the back is a comfy queen-sized bed where you can snuggle up surrounded by curved pine paneling.

Not an outdoorsy type? The 1958 Ideal has aqua detailing and light and bright pastel curtains. The cabinetry is white and the “cute” appliances are pink!

You can hang out in the trailer village expecting Beaver and the Cleaver Family to drive up at any minute or go shopping for charcuterie at the Willamette Wine Country General Store. Check out the pool and hot tub or relive your childhood playing lawn games.

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Weekend Getaway in Dayton’s Wine Country

Dayton, a 30-minute drive north into Yamhill County, lies in the center of Oregon wine country. Visitors can bike to award-winning vineyards and sip flights at casual tasting rooms. Still, Dayton’s charm has much more to do with its 1950s slow-moving attitude.

“Dayton is the little town that time didn’t touch,” says Therese Straight, general manager of The Vintages boutique trailer resort. The local ice cream shop displays vintage knickknacks, and out-of-towners stay in 1950s-style Airstream trailers. Quaint comes naturally to this town of 2,000, but its gems are worth a weekend getaway.

Where to Stay: The Vintages

One mile from the center of Dayton, The Vintages Trailer Resort blends the charm of the small town with modern amenities. Visitors looking for a cozy place to lay their head with a dose of retro feel should look no further.

Each of the property’s 31 trailers are uniquely decorated, from the birch veneer interior of the 1953 Vagabond M31 to the Pendelton-inspired aesthetic of the 1947 Spartan Manor. Guests will also find microwaves and refrigerators, air conditioning and portable heaters, flat screen televisions and high speed internet. For those looking for a caffeine fix, there’s a pour over coffee system and beans from Newberg-based Caravan Coffee in each unit.

While a number of the trailers are newly built in a vintage style, a majority of the units are originals that have been restored to their former glory. The 1958 Ideal still contains the original countertops and stove, both of which come in a pale pink color that was used as inspiration for the cheery pink and teal décor throughout the small space.

“We have people in their 70s that used to camp with their families when they were young, and it’s fun for them to revisit that childhood memory,” said Straight. “But then we also have the younger crowd that just thinks this is a really fun thing to do.”

Two’s company at The Vintages, where most trailers comfortably sleep two adults. Larger units like the 1954 Anderson could fit three adults or a family of four, with two younger children sharing a convertible sofa bed, but the space could feel cramped. Thankfully, each unit has its own patio area to add to the small square footage of the trailer. Two chairs and a small barbecue are also provided. After dark, twinkling canopy lights illuminate the trees that line the property and reflect off the shiny aluminum that coats the exterior of many of the resort’s trailers.

While there are plenty of nearby wineries to drive to, guests will also find two cruiser bicycles outside their door. At the end of the property, there is a quiet footpath from the resort to the heart of Dayton. It’s about a 15- minute ride through the trees and over a bridge across the Yamhill River to Dayton’s Courthouse Square Park.

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A Step Back in Time at The Vintages

The Willamette Valley is replete with the stuff that wine and foodie dreams are made of. When the stars come out and a soft pillow calls your name, what could be more welcoming than a neighborhood of vintage trailers authentic enough to make you pinch yourself?

The Vintages opened in the heart of the valley in July 2014 and, in just three seasons, has grown from five to 31 retro campers.

Bend-based trailer renovator FlyteCamp has meticulously restored the majority of the trailers, keeping as much of the original interior as possible while adding modern conveniences such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs and individual high speed internet.

From mini propane barbecues to vintage-style patio furniture and the use of two vintage bikes per trailer, The Vintages prove that plush can be a good bedfellow to a bygone era, with robes, high-end linens, towels and toiletries awaiting every guest. The Willamette Wine Country General Store is conveniently located onsite for anything else you might need. Chock-full of award-winning Willamette Valley wines, salty snacks, sweets, charcuterie and a fabulous selection of books on glamping, teardrop trailers and the like, there may be no reason to leave.

But, if you do feel like exploring, you don’t have to travel far and you can leave your motorized horse and buggy tied up at the trailer. Less than a half mile walk — via a foot bridge over the Yamhill River — takes you to downtown Dayton which general manager Therese Straight affectionately describes as a “Mayberry town.”

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The Vintages Trailer Resort Opens New, Intimate Meeting Venue

Ever dream about hitching up the Airstream and hitting the road? Well then, have we got a meeting destination for you. Located in the heart of Oregon wine country, The Vintages Trailer Resort is an unusual and quirky retreat venue that offers RV camping with a twist. Set on 14 acres, the park features 31 trailers, each equipped with full kitchenettes, propane grills, gourmet pour-over coffee from Caravan Coffee, luxurious robes, comfy mattresses, private baths (two with a soaker tub) and hotel-quality linens.

The resort recently celebrated the opening of its new gathering space, The Club House. Designed by Nicole Assil of TwoZeroOne Studio, the space features vibrant colors, retro accents and wood details for a Northwest feel. The 1,000-square-foot space accommodates groups of up to 35 and features large tables for conferences and dinners, a full kitchen with high-speed wireless Internet, a 65-inch 4K-resolution TV and power-docking station. There is also a patio with tables and extra seating to enjoy the views of the surrounding vineyards. For post-meeting fun, the resort offers cruiser bikes for touring the area.

Impress Your Person with a Valentine’s Day Getaway

Become a Wine Snob at a Retro Trailer Resort
The Vintages Trailer Resort (Dayton, OR)
If you’re looking for a unique, low-key way to drink barrels of wine in Oregon’s famed wine country, book one of the Vintages Trailer Resort’s awesome vintage airstreams and explore more than 110 wineries within 35 miles of the resort. The trailers have all been updated and outfitted with ultra-chic, mid-century furniture—and a few of them even have soaking tubs big enough for you and your honey. Show up and enjoy your complimentary truffles, local sparkling wine, and roses.

Make a Day of It: Keeping it classy at The Vintages Trailer Resort

First in the running:

Dayton is a pretty small town, but does have a few nearby races to its credit. The Dayton Fiesta Run in September and the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon just north of town (starting at Stoller Estates) in August. While the resort is a little bit segregated from the actual town, my wife and I took a morning run and found easy access into town for a quick and easy little run. Starting from the resort, head west on the unpaved Kreder Road and down to Alderman Park. There is a small and cute little bridge that spits runners out onto Ferry Street. We continued down Ferry until the sidewalk ran out and we looped back after a little jaunt through a new neighborhood development. This route was right around 3 miles round trip, though there are plenty of options to loop through the city again or continue off into the quiet country roads (though be cautious as shoulders can be small in areas).

Now to the details to the experience itself: 

The Vintages would be a perfect location for either of the above races, as well as for the Fueled by Fine Wine Half or even a race in McMinnville or Newberg. It is just off of Highway 18, and has easy on and off transit in either direction. The resort itself features a nice country shop, complete with local wines, beers, as well as handcrafted and local savouries. There are about 100 slots for RV’s (the Willamette Wine Country RV Park portion). There are sizes for families, as well as for couples – like the Neutron Couples one that we stayed in.

The outside of the trailer was great. It has that unique vintage RV feel, complete with two vintage bikes for exploring, as well as a patio with chairs, tables, and a grill. Inside is cozy, yet functional and well-kept. Our RV had a queen bed, complete with a good mattress and great sheets. There was also a sink, mini-fridge, microwave, and an amazing tub (maybe for two, but it would be a tight fit – which may be the whole point).

In addition, there is a portable space heater/fireplace to keep things warm (we learned the hard way that keeping turning it off overnight is not the best decision), as well as gourmet pour-over coffee from Caravan Coffee in Newberg, and comfy robes. Wile there is a bathroom in the trailer, and you can utilize the extended handle in the bath to take a sit down shower, the robes came in handy when going over to the separate main bathrooms and shower area. There is also a hot tub and pool (though they are currently closed for the winter months).

Dogs are allowed (though perhaps not in all trailers). All-in-all, this was an amazing overnight location. My wife has her reservations going into the experience, but those were quickly gone and we were even thinking about bringing the kids next time! I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Upcoming Events:

Check out their “Vintage Valentine” package, which is available throughout the month of February.

There are also other promotions throughout the year as well that you can purchase. Like I said earlier, if you are planning on running any of the races nearby, please get to making a reservation right now!

Cost: Each trailer differs in cost, but hover around $120 – $135 a night.

Adventure Awaits: Times Three!

For President’s weekend and I am heading south to Oregon. I have been dying to stay at the retro Vintages Trailer Resort. You have to check it out! They have 19 vintage trailers that have been restored and each are a little different. Some have a private bathroom and others share common bathroom/shower facilities on the property. The Vintages is located in the middle of the Oregon Wine Country.

I booked the 1951 M-System Special Deluxe and loved reading about the history of my trailer.
Not a lot is known regarding the origins of M-System Manufacturing Company other than the early “coach-style” models are extremely rare. They started operations in 1935 and built trailers through the 60’s. Early models, such as our 1951 Special Deluxe, reflect many of the same characteristics as cars from this era.

A Blast from the Past

The Vintages Trailer Resort recently bought a 1953, 31-foot Vagabond park model from Canned Ham Heroes to use in its growing business on the north edge of McMinnville.

“The woodwork in it is phenomenal,” says Therese Straight, manager of the park, which has 18 vintage and retro trailers it rents just like hotel rooms. The purchase is part of an expansion to 31 trailers this winter.

The blue art deco Vagabond features a separate bedroom and bath with tub, Straight said, but is being updated for their use to include air conditioning and a TV.

“The whole idea has been extremely popular and led to the expansion much sooner than we anticipated,” said James Piper, director of operations for Sima Management Group.

Canned Ham Heroes also offers this bit of advice to buyers: “You better be ready and willing to talk about your trailer because everywhere you stop people are going to want to ask you about it,” says Koch.

Koch, Lane and their four employees are still learning a lot about refurbishing trailers. But they see enough demand that the two eventually hope to turn their cabinet company over to their children and concentrate full time on trailer restoration. They have stopped buying trailers for a bit because they have a backlog of 25 trailers waiting for work.

“We could sell 10 trailers a month if we could build 10 a month,” Koch says. “It’s a good small business and we’re having fun with it.”

Seven Modern Airsteam Hotels You Should Book Now

We hate to break it to you, but you’ve likely been traveling like a square, booking basic hotel rooms when you could be resting your head in a refurbished Airstream. We know what you’re thinking. Those giant aluminum Twinkies? Trust us. The iconic tow-behinds are stationed all over the world as chic, bookable rooms and they make for some incredible stays.

Don’t expect shag carpets and kitschy kitchenettes alongside double-wides. The new class of trailers are kitted out with luxuries that make them seem like modern suites (full tubs, private chefs). Yet, it’s often the exteriors that count most, as the very nature of the air stream makes them able to park in extreme, incredible landscapes, some of which would otherwise be inaccessible.

I caught a glimpse of this new-fashioned accommodation myself, dozing off in an Airstream where the view from my window framed Bolivia’s salt flats. Forget requesting a corner room — my Airstream, in its metallic splendor, had windows on all four sides, a 360-degree view that overlooked thousands of miles of immaculately white desert. No room service, but does it really matter?.

In case you’re inspired to lay your head in an unconventional Airstream, here are the best trailer-hotels around the world. Complimentary parking is always included.

The Vintages lands a spot at number 3:

Prefer your Airstream served with a steaming heaping of nostalgia? The 19 trailers at The Vintages in Dayton, Oregon were all restored by Flyte Camp, which specializes in pre-1965 trailer restorations. The revamped trailers, which range in style from mid-century modern to rustic chic, include contemporary indulgences like freshly ground pour-over coffee and a nearby hot tub.

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Vintages Trailer Resort Offers Classic Trailer Camping in Yamhill Wine Country

Camping season doesn’t have to end with the rain, when you have a comfy trailer to go home to after a day touring Yamhill County wine country.

With not much public land, Yamhill County doesn’t have traditional campgrounds operated by Oregon State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service or some other public agency.

But it does have the Willamette Wine Country RV Park and, within the park, the Vintages Trailer Resort. And who wouldn’t want to camp in a campground where the names of the loops between sites include Chardonnay Lane, Zinfandel Avenue, Carbernet Boulevard and Syrah Way?

The campground is just east of the Oregon 99W/18 split off Oregon 18 between Dundee and McMinnville. That puts campers within range of a couple hundred wineries, the pleasures of Third Street in downtown McMinnville, the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum complex and a short bike ride to Dayton.

The Vintagers Trailer Resort features 17 classic camping trailers, each modeled to have modern amenities and two cruiser bicycles parked outside for renters’ use. The rest of the campground has conventional pull-through or back-in RV spaces, plus amenities that include a pool, hot tub, outdoor lawn games, laundry facility and a gathering room.

The vintage trailers are renovated by Flyte Camp of Bend, a full-service shop that specializes in pre-1965 camping trailer renovations. Some of the trailers at the resort are new, vintage-inspired models.

The trailers has been available since last year and have become quite popular.

Manager Therese Straight said the goal is to fill all 32 spots on Pinot Loop with a vintage model. The would still leave more than 150 spaces for people who arrive with their own trailer or RV.

“We were super busy all last winter,” she said. “We want to be known as a fun place that’s open all year, a bit quirky but worth the visit.

Each vintage trailer is unique, but they have similar amenities, including an outdoor grill, propane stove inside, hotel quality linen on comfortable mattresses and terry cloth robes.

Various floor plans can accommodate kids and even the family dog, which might just enjoy the nearby dog park.

You Need to Stay in This Airstream Resort

We love staying in unique places when we’re travelling, and our dream has always been to roadtrip with our very own Airsteam. But that requires a lot of gas (hello, gas prices), so instead we looked for a cool Airstream to stay in that we didn’t have to lug around. Except instead of one, we found 14.

The Vintages Trailer Resort is located in Oregon’s wine country of Willamette Valley, and it’s home to all those tasty pinot noirs. When you think wine country, you probably don’t think “trailer park,” but this is a really cool take on the trailer park concept. The “resort” is filled with 14 Airstreams that are gorgeously renovated, and it comes with an outdoor pool too!

Each trailer also has a propane grill, which we fired up for a tasty lunch (thank you Trader Joe’s!). Your trailer comes with all the essentials, like dishes, utensils, and a wine opener. How cute is this outdoor set up?!

It gets even cuter on the inside. We stayed in the Restored 1957 Airstream Sovereign and loved it! Nothing like waking up in an Airstream, putting on a comfy robe, and making yourself a gourmet pour-over coffee from Caravan Coffee. We wouldn’t expect any less from Oregon.

The kitchen was surprisingly spacious, and it was so fun to create a family-style meal together. It kind of reminded us of our family road trips back in the day, except this time it was with our friends (and we could enjoy the wine).

This really is glamping at it’s finest, with air conditioning, fuzzy robes, and really nice linens all provided. Not to mention the hot tub onsite!

They also provide you with cute cruiser bikes, which you can bike into town to explore some wineries. Just no drinking and driving, please! If you’ve never used Airbnb before, you can take $20 off your stay using our code here. Hurray!

Drifters: The Vintages Trailer Resort

The best way to time travel in the Willamette Valley is at The Vintages Trailer Resort in Dayton, Oregon. Stocked with more than a dozen mid-century trailers, the park is a well-choreographed nod to the travel-hungry baby boomers that took summers by the scruff of the neck several generations ago.

While the glistening metallic units are cool in their own right, the details are just as eye-catching. Retro coffee mugs, campy silverware, vintage fold-out chairs and themed rooms set you down in time and place. Trailers come with cruiser bikes and spacious patio driveways, many of which are outfitted with gas grills.

WiFi access, built-in USB ports and flat-screen televisions are about the only modern amenities that really stand out. Most trailers are set up with air conditioning, microwaves and surprisingly roomy bathroom and shower combos. There is a community pool and general store, fit with local beers and wines, snacks, toiletries and complimentary coffee in the morning. On my visit, there was homemade coffee cake up for grabs as well.

I stayed in the Portland room, set in an Airstream Bambi trailer, a contemporary take on the company first release, “The Torpedo,” which debuted in 1931. It was spacious and well laid out, with Rose City accents like bike posters, a wooden patio mat, stump-themed pillows and a pour-over coffee station for greeting the day. A pair of robes hung in the in the closet and L-Occitane bath supplies rounded out the shower.

The hideaway features of trailer life are impressive, from buried sinks to sneaky pantries and sophisticated kitchen booths. These trailers aren’t going anywhere and are probably tricked out a bit more because of that, but it only benefits the tenants. These were anything but dark and stuffy units. In fact, the many windows, skylights and fluid shape of the trailer made the stay feel more like glamorous camping.

Per the location—the epicenter of Oregon wine country—there were corkscrews, wine glasses and a fridge for summertime cellaring. Countless wineries and restaurants are within a short drive, including—per the retro theme—The Eyrie Vineyards (established in 1965) and Nick’s Italian Cafe, which opened its doors to hungry wine tasters in 1977. The coast is less than an hour away, with countless fruit stands and berry farms en route. Those who don’t want to stray far can take the short trip to downtown Dayton, for drinks at The Barlow Room or an earthy dinner at the Joel Palmer House.

While back at the resort, step outside and enjoy the orderly vineyard rows stacked up on the nearby Dundee Hills or rolling Evergreen contour of the Coastal Range to the west. The crickets come out at night, as do the stars, so turn off the TV, crack an IPA and pretend you’re in the great outdoors, even if a relatively lavish trailer is only a few paces away.

5 Chic, Under-The-Radar Hotels You’ll Want To Live In Forever

Some of the country’s best pinot noir comes from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and right in the middle of it sits one of the most beautiful trailer parks we’ve ever seen.

The fleet of 15 trailers at The Vintages Trailer Resort spans nearly 70 years, with its oldest trailer being a beautiful, shimmering 1947 Spartan Manor. Each trailer comes with pour over coffee from Oregon’s Caravan Coffee, a propane grill and — because, obviously — a wine opener.


Enjoy all the connection to nature a trailer can provide without the hassle of hauling one yourself at The Vintages Trailer Resort. Surrounded by the picturesque wineries of Willamette Valley, this group of 15 trailers includes everything from a 1947 Spartan Manor to a 2015 Flyte Camp Neutron, providing plenty of options for both couples and families. No matter which you choose, you’ll have access to pour-over coffee from Caravan, hotel-quality linens, a propane grill with utensils, a pool, hot tub, a dog park for any furry companions, and outdoor lawn games.

Best for: The Vintage

The Vintages Trailer Resort, Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Vintages Trailer Resort in Oregon’s wine country has 12 retro trailers, all with vineyard views. Each includes its own driveway, lawn chairs, and propane grill. Inside, you’ll find hotel-worthy perks such as terry-cloth robes, comfy beds, and pour-over coffee from local roaster Caravan Coffee.

Airstream to Book
The 1947 Spartan Manor has cowhide rugs, western-themed furniture, and faux taxidermy hanging on the wall. (From $120 per night.)

Out and About
You’re ten miles to the put-in spots along the Willamette River Water Trail. Also, you’re within five miles of some of the Willamette Valley’s top wineries, including Stoller, Archery Summit, Domaine Drouhin, and Sokol Blosser. Ride complimentary cruiser bikes from winery to winery.

Retro trailer accommodations and Oregon wines? It’s a vintage vacation

You can enjoy a vintage Oregon wine inside a vintage, cozy, trailer.

The Willamette Valley’s most unusual accommodations just may be the Vintages Trailer Resort, which has recently added three new but retro trailers.

The collection, which you’ll find in Dayton, about 35 miles southwest of Portland, now contains 17 trailers — the types that people pulled behind their cars in the mid-20th century. The oldest first hit the road in 1947.

Modern-day guests won’t find the accommodations nearly as spartan as they were 50 or 60 years ago. Each trailer has been renovated to include queen beds, modern kitchenettes and, with one exception, bathrooms with combination tub-showers.

The resort’s website, however, points out that for folks who want to enjoy a long shower with plenty of hot water “it’s likely worth taking a short stroll to our shower facilities.” Terrycloth bathrobes are provided.

The 1956 Santa Fe is the lone exception on the bathroom front; it does not have one. But it’s conveniently parked next to the brick-and-mortar restroom and shower building.

Among the classic trailers: a 1947 Spartan Manor, a 1951 M-System Special Deluxe and a 1954 Anderson 315-TB. Depending on style, they sleep two to four people.

The latest additions to the modern-day trailer park are three custom-built Neutron trailers. They feature classically shaped, shiny silver exteriors but with contemporary furnishings such as soaking tubs. The park also has a 2014 Airstream.
You can find 17 vintage trailers at the Vintages Trailer Resort in Dayton, a good jumping-off point for touring wineries in the Willamette Valley. (Bryan Rupp)
Dayton makes a good hub from which to explore the region’s 300 wineries. They range from boutique wineries in downtown Dayton to sprawling estate vineyards in the rolling hills nearby.

Nightly stays start at $95, depending on the unit.

Kyle Maki visits the Vintage Trailers

Simply put, this place is rad. The Vintages Trailer Resort is such a terrific idea; a community of restored vintage trailers set up like a friendly neighborhood. From the lawn chairs, to the grills and the group of bikes that comes with each Vintage Trailer rental, you immediately get a sense of community when you arrive on the property. Speaking of the property….there are approximately 20 wine-tasting vineyards within 15 miles from the resort. Top that with a nearby dog park, walking/biking trails and my favorite….the plush robes, you got yourself a pretty nifty getaway.

Portland Monthly – Tripster

The Vintages is a trailer resort located in Dayton, among the rolling hills of Oregon’s wine country. Opened this July, the “hotel” is a collection of 8 retro trailers grouped into a compact neighborhood on the 14-acre Willamette Wine Country RV Park.

“We tried to bring in some aspects of a hotel: top quality amenities such as robes, nice beds, and sheets,” says park manager James Piper. “You get an idea of what it would have been like to stay in a trailer of the 1950s and 1960s—with the comfort and coziness of a hotel.”

How did the idea come about?

“We love Oregon. But lodging was always hard to find,” says Piper, a California-native who manages another property in Newport with his long-time associate, Janice Lesin. During one of their visits, Piper recalled a hotel-style trailer park in his hometown of Santa Barbara, a memory sparked the outlines of the idea in their minds.

“We started brainstorming on how we could offer alternative lodging that would appeal to the Portland crowd,” Piper explained in a later email. “It morphed from several ideas for cabins, to only Airstreams, and then after partnering with FlyteCamp in Bend, to a variety of trailers from the 50s and 60s.”

Curious, I booked a night’s stay at the Vintages this fall.

It was evening as I approached, but the character and quaint personality of the resort were still apparant in the gathering darkness. Each space had its own little driveway, lawn chairs, and BBQ, giving the trailers a homier, more welcoming aspect than a standard RV park.

I quickly found my room—The Oasis. Inside, I found a writer’s paradise. A small lamp hung from the ceiling over a rustic table with a bench on either side. It was easy to imagine a family sitting down to dinner there in the 1950s. I looked around to find coffee, a full bathroom, and kitchen, too. Resting on top of counter, near the sink, there was a glass tray with a hot pot, two red Vintages coffee mugs, and a white teapot (with a strainer built in as the lid). Rain began pattering down outside as my fingers glided effortlessly atop the smooth black keys of my MacBook. The Oasis’s space heater proved more than effective in defending the trailer from the subtly stinging cold of fall.

The Vintages is a can’t miss—the perfect getaway—that all writers, Oregonians, and couples should enjoy. As Piper had told me days before, “The Vintages is a really fun and different kind of experience all together. It’s an experience—one you’ll always remember.”

Northwest Travel & Life

When visiting the heart of Willamette Valley Wine Country, you have your choice of lodging, from luxurious inns to RV parks. Now you have yet another option by bedding down in mid-century travel trailers. The Vintages (a clever nod to the region’s wines and the resort’s signature trailers) offers travelers a true retro experience that, if you’re of a certain age, just might be a throwback to childhood road trips. (Can you say, “Are we there yet?”).

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When visiting the heart of Willamette Valley Wine Country, you have your choice of lodging, from luxurious inns to RV parks. Now you have yet another option by bedding down in midcentury travel trailers. The Vintages (a clever nod to the region’s wines and the resort’s signature trailers) offers travelers a true retro experience that, if you’re of a certain age, just might be a throwback to childhood road trips. (Can you say, “Are we there yet?”).

At The Vintages you can stay in one of eight trailers, from a 1947 Spartan Manor to the most recent model, a 1965 Avion. Although these trailers are stationary, when you check in, visions of The Long, Long Trailer, starring Lucy and Ricky, might race through your head.

Each vintage trailer is set up to maximize your wine country experience, and luxury amenities, such as terrycloth robes and fine linens, are thrown in for a little pampering. Cooks will have a great time firing up the propane stove and negotiating the compact kitchen space (stocked with all the cooking utensils and tableware you’ll need) just like the pioneering road-trip cooks of yesteryear.

The Vintages is located within the 14-acre Willamette Wine Country RV Park, midway between McMinnville and Dundee, Oregon. For reservations, go to For information about visiting Willamette Valley, go to

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Last weekend I was in vintage trailer heaven in Willamette Valley, Oregon. The Vintages Trailer Resort in Dayton, Oregon is one of the most genius ideas I have come across in awhile! They have restored these amazing vintage finds and added multiple options for trailers to stay in.  From one of every…